Do Good.


Every person can make a profound
difference in the lives of others.


Often it starts with just one idea.

We help you turn your ideas into reality through the power of grants.

Training Workshops

Are you looking for the most effective grant training for yourself or your organization? Learn about our unique and interactive workshops that will help you find and get grants.


We can save you precious time with our customized in-person and phone consultations. You will get help with logic models, program budgets, and all aspects of grant writing.


Grants4Good is developing user-friendly software solutions to take away the pain of grant writing and make it easy…even fun! Look for innovative products in the coming year.

Video by Mike Bradley.

Are You…

…discouraged by the time it takes to write a grant application?

…wondering if it’s worth the risk in such competitive environment?

…spending hours trying to find the best grant opportunities/funders for your organization?

…lacking the staff and capacity to write grants?

We can help.

Our Mission

Customers of Grants4Good LLC obtain the funds and resources they need to provide quality programs, services, and products. We work with nonprofit organizations and businesses to help them get more grants in less time through interactive training sessions and high -quality products designed to streamline the grants process.