Elevate Your Fundraising Game with This Free Top Prospect Report Tool

Check out this guest blog from my friends at Peter Heller Group. I’m sharing this because so many of my clients are looking for ways to raise major gifts/donations in addition to grant funding.

From Peter Heller:

Are you prepared to take your fundraising efforts to new heights? Look no further than Heller Fundraising Group’s Free Fundraising Tools, meticulously crafted to give your campaign the ultimate boost. Among the powerful resources in our Major Gift Toolkit lies the Top Prospect Report, a straightforward yet effective spreadsheet that will revolutionize your approach to fundraising. Let’s delve into how this remarkable tool can drive a significant change in your fundraising strategy:

1. Setting the Stage: Every organization has distinct visions and financial goals. Through the Top Prospect Report, effortlessly ascertain the Major Gift threshold that aligns perfectly with your cause. Whether it’s a modest $1,000 or an impressive $100,000, this tool adapts to suit your organization’s unique requirements, putting you firmly in the driver’s seat of your fundraising destiny.

2. Flexibility at Its Core: Major Gifts can manifest in various ways – from one-time substantial contributions to long-term pledges. The Top Prospect Report grants you the freedom to define what constitutes a Major Gift, empowering you to tailor your fundraising focus accordingly. This versatility ensures you target the right prospects, ensuring optimum outcomes for your specific fundraising objectives.

3. Crafting Your Donor Dream Team: Identifying potential donors can be both exhilarating and challenging. Simplify the process with the Top Prospect Report, where you can effortlessly input names of individuals capable of contributing at the Major Gift level. But don’t stop there! Also, include connectors who can introduce you to other potential major donors, broadening your scope and aspirations.

4. Dynamic Planning for Progress: No ordinary spreadsheet, the Top Prospect Report transforms into a dynamic planning and organization tool. Guided by the “Next Step Date” and “Next Step” columns, stay on track and laser-focused, ensuring steady progress in your donor outreach. With a clear action plan for each potential donor, stay in sync with your goals and keep the momentum going strong.

5. A Personalized Approach: Although the Top Prospect Report commences with names and next steps, feel free to customize it further with additional relevant information. From target ask amounts to last gift amounts and lifetime total giving, tailor the report to suit your needs. The primary objective is to get you actively engaging with potential donors, with the finer details falling into place later.

6. A Trustworthy Ally: Should you ever need guidance on using this incredible Free Tool, worry not! Our team stands ready to support you at every step. Simply reach out to us at info@HellerFundraisingGroup.com for any assistance you may require.

Ready to harness the untapped potential in your fundraising endeavors? Acquire the Free Fundraising Tools and embrace the Top Prospect Report at https://www.hellerfundraisinggroup.com/tools. It’s time to elevate your fundraising game and leave a lasting impact on your cause!

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