Fireside Chat: Fundraising and AI with Shawn Olds, CEO of boodleAI

 Is AI technology accessible and affordable for smaller nonprofits?

 Can AI help us build stronger and genuine relationships with donors?

 Will it level the playing field for historically underfunded organizations, such as those led by people of color?

 What about privacy and data security?

Join me for a 30-minute fireside chat with Shawn Olds, CEO of boodleAI, to talk in depth about how AI can help fundraisers, grant pros, and nonprofit professionals.

The chat was live-streamed on my LinkedIn page and on my Facebook Grants4Good page and it’s also right here in case you missed it!

Why is this so important?

Well, I was invited as an alpha tester for boodle AI a few months ago. It’s a fancy way of saying they wanted me to try out their AI platform and give ’em some straight and honest feedback.

It’s been fun, enlightening and frankly, mind-blowing!

And most importantly, it showed me how this AI platform is a tool that can help nonprofits save tons of time and money!

So, I thought, let’s hear straight from their CEO, Shawn Olds…

His official bio: Shawn Olds is a technology and communications thought leader serving as the CEO for boodleAI. Shawn has found ample success in both private and government sectors and continues to dedicate his time to supporting nonprofit organizations and their missions. He has served on nonprofits Boards for more than 20 years.

Shawn holds a BS in Computer Science from the US Military Academy, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and JD from the Northwestern School of Law.

So grab your favorite beverage and tune in for the next 30 minutes!


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