Q&A with Margit on All Things Grants!

Have you ever been ready to just “throw in the towel” (give up)?

Whether you are completely new to grant writing or you’ve been doing this for more years than you can count…I’m willing to bet you still experience challenges, problems or have questions.

That is why I occasionally hold a free Live Q&A for anyone affiliated with a nonprofit organization or business, or just thinking of getting into grant writing!

If you missed my August 12, 2020 FREE Live Question & Answer Session on All Things Grants, no worries… you can watch and listen right here or on my Grants4Good Facebook page.

Here is just a sample of the questions I addressed in this 1-hour session:

  • Budget: I realize in an ideal world, a project budget would be developed by a multi-functional team. In reality, who usually develops the project budget? Finance? Finance and Grant writer together? Grant writer with Finance Review?
  • Can you provide background on grant applications that are invite only? Are you on the invite list when you’ve received funding in the past and will you always be on an invite list to apply?
  • Aside from traditional handwritten thank you cards or emailing photos/videos, have you seen any creative ways to steward + thank grant funders from afar during quarantine?
  • Is there a clear formula for how many grants a grant writer should be responsible for bringing in annually? Is it a % of the org’s budget? Is it based on weekly hours? Something else?…

We had over 160 people on the call from all over the U.S.! Here are their responses after the Q&A:

Very good hour spent! Thanks so much.

Thanks SO much for sharing your wisdom!

Thanks for the encouragement today.

Great Q & A. Energizing. Thank you.

Thank you for this opportunity! It’s been great!

It’s mutual…I love doing this!

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