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Thanks-Giving is every day…

The Thanksgiving holiday was last week, but this week I want to share with you all the inspiring replies when I asked you “what is ONE thing for which you are thankful”.

Common themes were centered around:  giving back to our world through our work and …family (especially moms)!

Last week, I agonized over my mom’s health as I watched the ambulance drive her to the hospital, without being able to go with her (due to Covid-19 hospital restrictions on visitors). I prayed, hoped, and asked friends to send prayers and she is fortunately back home…so the mom-theme really resonated with me too.

Here are some replies from your peers doing great things, just as you are…

I am thankful and grateful for being in a position to help others this holiday season. – Carolyn T.

I am grateful for all the caring & encouraging 😊 SMILES shared with family, friends & colleagues in video conferences, texts, photos, gifts and emails when we couldn’t meet in person! – Sally H.

I am thankful to be learning how to run a nonprofit where we strive to help others be well and serve well.  – Deborah G.

I am thankful for my resiliency! Karyn K.

My family — Dave B.

My mom is healthy this fall. — Sue T.

After losing my director of fundraising position with new leadership taking over prior to the pandemic, I had no luck finding a full-time position.  I am so thankful that I am now doing grant contract work for a great organization, making almost as much as full time.  I am very thankful for this opportunity. – Lisa V.

I am thankful for all my ‘2 am’ friends who have stuck with me for so many, many years.  — Mary Ann C.

I am thankful for being able to work from home. – Kelly K.

I am thankful for Zoom which allows me to see my mom tomorrow. And for the forest paths and open fields of our parks and the sandy beach of Lake Ontario that remain safe spaces for rejuvenation. – Anita O.

I made a pretty huge life change by moving from a higher-stress, higher paying job to become a grants coordinator within my organization. The pay is less but the stress is too, and the pleasure is much more so it’s been totally worth it. My quality of life is much improved and for that I am thankful! – Tracy M.

Teleworking!  — Ursula M.

Hi, thanks for reaching out and happy Thanksgiving to you.  I’m thankful for people who want to make a difference. – Erendira C.

I work for an extraordinary group of outstanding individuals dedicated to improving the lives of children who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. – Becky H.

I’m thankful for the Park Staff at Seven Islands State Birding Park that has gone above and beyond in their care for the park and park guests this year. — Diette C.

And me? I’m thankful to use my skills and focus my passion to help others do great things.

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Grants Guide on iPad

Learn the exact steps that helped raise over 30 million in grants for my clients.

Get the Free Guide