How to make social media work for you!

How can you leverage social media to get more grants for your nonprofit or business? How can you make your organization be known to funders, clients, and your community?

If the thought of social media scares you, don’t run away just yet.

Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and others have a legitimate role in your grant seeking strategy.

Consider this: Funders need to know WHO you are before they can make those big grant awards. Social media is one way to “be known” and for you to get to know your funders and collaborators.

Here are some simple do-it-yourself social media marketing techniques that will enhance your ability to build relationships and ultimately obtain grant funding.

#1 Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed.

Facebook and Twitter and TikTok, oh my! It seems there are an endless stream of social media platforms so how do you know what will work for you? The best advice I’ve ever received regarding social media is to pick just ONE platform (or two) and commit to it 100%.

I want to interact with other grant professionals, entrepreneurs, and the nonprofit sector, so I focus most of my energy on LinkedIn. However, I also keep an active Facebook business account (your need to first have a personal account to set up a business account) since many funders and foundations have a presence on Facebook. Others might prefer Twitter or Instagram. Find what works for you and what you enjoy.

#2 C’mon out and play!

One of the basic tenets of marketing is that you need to “be known” to your audience. Why? Because people need to first know you, like you, and trust you before they are willing to invest their time and resources (e.g., grant awards!). And one way to be known is to get “out there” and engage with people through social media.

How? Think of what you did as a kid. You likely walked down the street and asked if your BFF wanted to come out to play. Social media is not much different.

I challenge you to find five funders on social media and invite them to connect with you, “like” or join their page, or join a “group” on Facebook or LinkedIn that resonates with you. Funders often post their grantee success stories, new board members or staff, and upcoming grant opportunities on their social media sites. Connecting on social media is often the first step to getting to know your audience and for them to get to know you.

#3 Engage with people on a regular basis.

As you build a network of people on your social media site, you’ll want to actively engage with them a few times a week, preferably. What will you post to your social media account? You may want to share some new or exciting programs or news about your organization, promote and invite people to an event, share a success story of your work in the community and how it has changed lives, share interesting and relevant articles, and ask questions of your peers to get clarity on an issue that interests you.

And because it’s “social”, remember to respond to everyone who interacts with you on your post. The options are truly endless.

Let me know if these tips have been helpful to you and let’s connect on LinkedIn!


How do you use social media in your work? Please share what’s worked for you.


Margit Brazda Poirier, GPC, M.S. is Owner and CEO of Grants4Good LLC®, a grant writing training and consulting company based in Rochester, New York. and

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